Thursday, October 14, 2010

2010 Shell Advance Malaysian MotoGP

I managed to attend the 20th Malaysian MotoGP year at Sepang International Circuit last Sunday. It was my first time attending a MotoGP event. I missed the Japan GT this year so I told myself I shouldn't miss this one! It was a grand affair attended by the tens of thousands.

The deafening sounds from the super bikes were like classical music to the ears. Each pull of the accelerator gives out a roar of approval from the engine via the exhaust system. The acceleration, speed and maneuver from each rider executed flawlessly and gracefully on the track.

The crowd themselves were immersed into the action. Chanting, shouting and cheering the rider they supported. Some were blowing vuvuzela like devices while some were waving flags and t-shirts. And lest not forget the throngs of photographers that day, who I am one of them.

The MotoGP race was won by #46 Valentino Rossi in a Yamaha while second place went to #4 Andrea Dovisiozo in a Honda and third place went to eventual 2010 MotoGP Champion #99 Jorge Lorenzo also in a Yamaha.

One regret I had attending this event is the absence of the going to launch Olympus E-5 which I hope to have a chance to test out. However, I armed myself with the Olympus E-3, its predecessor, and am able to capture the following photos below. I wonder how the Olympus E-5 will fare if I'm able to take these kind of photos with the Olympus E-3?

The rest can be found here. All images taken using Olympus E-3 with ZD 50-200 f2.8-3.5 lens.

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